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As our guest in the Apart Sonnenplateau in Serfaus in the beautiful Tyrolean Oberland you will appreciate our beautiful region as well as our modern house in a quiet location. Let yourself be perfectly pampered by many sunny days in every season in our top-equipped feel-good atmosphere. It always pays off! And if you decide to take one of our low-priced packages, you will profit financially too!

Sun, snow and attractive offers during the "Genusswochen"

From 18 March to 31 March 2023

In the late winter, when the sun has already gained enough power in the daytime to melt the snow crystals, the firn is created, which conjures up a certain glow in the eyes of every true connoisseur of the snow scene.

If you would like to spend your skiing holiday in March and April 2023 with "firn" snow, lots of sun and great offers, we recommend a visit to us on the sunny plateau Serfaus-Fiss-Ladis.

Besides cable cars, sports shops and ski schools are in anticipation of spring too. Discounted ski pass fares, discounts on ski lessons, child care, events and attractions, as well as free ski tests make the last winter weeks a highlight for those who want to enjoy their winter holiday to the fullest and at tempting prices.

Catch the magic of late winter!

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Sun, snow and attractive offers during the ”Sensation Weeks”

From 19 March to 24 April 2022

In late winter/early spring, when the sun is strong enough to melt the snow crystal, firn snow does appear. Real connoisseurs get that glazed look in their eyes when they look at the firn.

If you want to spend a ski holiday in March 2022 with glistening firn snow, plenty of sun and great offers, you can’t get around a visit on the sunny Serfaus-Fiss-Ladis high plateau.

Alongside the cable car companies, spring fever has also set in at the sport shops and ski school. Reduced ski pass rates and discounts on ski lessons, childcare, events and attractions as well as free ski tests turn the low season into a highlight for everyone eager to fully enjoy their winter holiday at an affordable price. 

Let later winter enchant you!

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Our winter package

  • Start the winter with us and look forward to relaxed hours in our cosy apartments in an incomparably pleasant winter start atmosphere!
  • Our prices of 45 Euro are quoted per person and day (excluding ski pass, local tax and final cleaning)
  • The local tax of 2,60 Euros per person and day will be charged separately. Children up to 16 years are free from the tourist tax!

As a guest at Apart Sonnenplateau winter can begin!